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Le Papillon has pioneered a unique and innovative “Hub & Spoke Model” to provide cost effective and world-class service. The HUB is the nerve center to manage; co-ordinate the various services for all service suites A senior resident manager, supervisor (1 no’s), chef (1 no’s) housekeepers (3 no’s), laundry (1 no’s) and bell boys (3 no’s) will manage all services listed below
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The services managed by the hub are –
  1. Co-ordination with American Express/travel desk -
    The travel, booking of rooms will be coordinated with Amex/travel desk of Accenture

  2. Welcome of the guests -
    The guests will be received at the main gate by the bellboy and accompanied to the HUB to complete the registration process. The guests will subsequently be accompanied to their respective apartment (room) and introduced to all the services he can access.

  3. Departure of the guests -
    The guests can check out by leaving the keys inside a key box located in the apartment. Alternatively the guests can instruct the HUB to arrange for taxi, settle his dues (food, laundry) and return the keys.

  4. Food Services -
    The guests will be provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests will be charged. A rate card will be provided.

  5. House keeping -
    The HUB will organize daily housekeeping and upkeep of the apartments. We have clearly defined tasks to be performed on a daily basis and tasks that need to be completed on a weekly basis. The guest will be provided basic toiletry.

  6. Laundry Services -
    The guests can leave their laundry in their respective rooms. The washing and ironing will be completed by evening. The guests will be charged. A rate card will be provided.

  7. Customized service -
    Apartments customized specifically for their women executives can be organized based on Accenture’s requirements.

  8. Value added services -
    The guests can avail special value added service from the HUB, such as purchase of bouquets, gifts or arrange for parties.

For Personal Pleasure
To balance work life, free fall into our de-stress zones.You can swim, gym or have us arrange a weekend getaway.Use your creativity to whip up an imaginative meal at the state-of-art kitchenette in every suite.

The unwind factors at Le Papillon are sure to recharge and make you feel as good as new.
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